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Top 10 Healthy, Alkalizing Foods for Energy, PsycheTruth Nutrition & Weight Loss

Top 10 Healthy, Alkalizing Foods for Energy, PsycheTruth Nutrition & Weight Loss
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Top 10 Healthy, Alkalizing Foods for Energy, PsycheTruth Nutrition & #WeightLoss

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Corrina explains why we want to eat more alkaline-forming foods and try to limit acid-forming foods from our diets. She then counts down the top 10 healthiest, alkaline-forming foods that we should be eating. Processed, refined fast foods, artificial sweeteners, most drugs (prescription and street), caffeine and many others are acid-forming. This free video will tell you the top 10 foods to help you re-gain your health and alkalize your body.

In a fast food nation, eating healthy food becomes difficult to do. Yet a poor diet contributes to low energy, obesity, stress, health problems and high medical bills. If you eat better, you will feel better and this video discusses some of the foods you should eat more of and which foods to avoid, like coffee, soda, refined sugar, etc.

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