Grab Some Water, Because This Olympian’s 5-Minute Ab Routine Will Set Your Core on Fire

If we asked you to take a guess at how Olympic runners train, abs might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but Rio 2016 Olympian Colleen Quigley is here to convince you that a strong core is essential for efficiency and form. Colleen, a 2020 hopeful, just won her first US title this past February for the Mile Run at the USA Indoor Track and Field Championships.

Currently in a lull period between the indoor and outdoor track seasons, Colleen told POPSUGAR that she and her teammates at the Bowerman Track Club in Portland, OR, do what they call “base training,” longer aerobic workouts that build a strong foundation. Their weekly routine consists of track workouts (oftentimes two per day), one long run, and three gym sessions with weights. She also does an hour of Pilates each week, which has made her “really strong in the past year.”

Colleen posts some of her leg and ab day workouts on her website, and I tried her 3-6-9-12 ab routine. Keep reading for the workout and details about just how much my core hated me afterward (in a good way).

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