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5 CORE EXERCISES FOR THE OBESE – Weight Loss Journey Day 410

NEXT Video in the Series – 5 “LEG” Exercises the OBESE https://youtu.be/e8-KLRqc_rc
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Check out these 5 Core exercises that even the obese or beginner can do. If you liked this video, watch the next one in the series. Leg Workouts for the obese. https://youtu.be/e8-KLRqc_rc

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Planking Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJRl1G9PIdA

My heaviest was around 440-450lbs. To see where I am now.
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Weigh-in #47 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-47 (344.2lbs)
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Weigh-in #45 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-45 (335.0lbs)
Weigh-in #44 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-44 (324.1lbs)
Weigh-in #43 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-43 (328.3lbs)
Weigh-in #42 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-42 (326.9lbs)
Weigh-in #41 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-41 (334.1lbs)
Weigh-in #40 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-40 (336.3lbs)
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Weigh-in #38 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-38 (349.1lbs)
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Weigh-in #36 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-36 (349.8lbs)
Weigh-in #35 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-35 (336.5lbs)
Weigh-in #34 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-34 (342.2lbs)
Weigh-in #33 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-33 (343.8lbs)
Weigh-in #32 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-32 (323.6lbs)
Weigh-in #31 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-31 (339.2lbs)
Weigh-in #30 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-30 (329.5lbs)
Weigh-in #29 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-29 (329.8lbs)
Weigh-in #28 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-28 (332.3lbs)
Weigh-in #27 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-27 (331.4lbs)
Weigh-in #26 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-26 (334.1lbs)
Weigh-in #25 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-25 (334.8lbs)
Weigh-in #24 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-24 (335.5lbs)
Weigh-in #23 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-23 (329.8lbs)
Weigh-in #22 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-22 (334.4lbs)
Weigh-in #21 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-21 (331.4lbs)
Weigh-in #20 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-20 (333.4lbs)
Weigh-in #19 http://bit.ly/WEIGHIN-19 (336.8lbs)
Weigh-in #18 http://bit.ly/WEIGH-IN18 (333.4lbs) New Scale
Weigh-in #17 http://bit.ly/WEIGH-IN17 (339.6lbs)
Weigh-in #16 http://bit.ly/WEIGH-IN16 (341.2lbs)
Weigh-in #15 http://bit.ly/WEIGH-IN15 (332.5lbs)
Weigh in #14 http://bit.ly/WEIGH-IN14 (339.8lbs)
Weigh in #13 http://bit.ly/Weigh-in13 (344.7lbs)
Weigh in #12 http://bit.ly/Weigh-in12 (346.1lbs)
Weigh in #11 http://bit.ly/1m0PlA1 (353.6lbs)
Weigh in #10 http://bit.ly/1dtA8DD (355.3 lbs)
Weigh in #9 http://bit.ly/1l5ITEN (354.3 lbs)
Weigh in # 8 http://bit.ly/INM8Vr (360.8 lbs)
Weigh in # 7 http://bit.ly/18uHlhU (359.6 lbs)
Weigh in # 6 http://bit.ly/1fwFd0C (369.4 lbs)
Weigh in # 5 http://bit.ly/1bpWVf4 (365.7 lbs)
Weigh in # 4 http://bit.ly/1aHB1ZV (370.2 lbs)
Weigh in # 3 http://bit.ly/HAJS2G (376.5 lbs)
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