Weight Loss Meals

How to LOSE WEIGHT BELLY FAT Fast without Exercise | Weight Loss Diet Tips for Busy Working People

In this video i have provided 13 weight loss tips without Exercise & with lifestyle changes

Some Important Products Mentioned in Video:

* Whole Fruits & Vegetables (✔) Fruit & Veg Juices (❌)
* Turmeric
* Figs, Jaggery, Dates, Honey.
* Green Tea, Black Coffee
*Instant Green Coffee (Neuherbs) :
Amazon: http://bit.ly/coffeeSS
Flipkart: http://bit.ly/coffeeFK
* Ginger, Lemon, Garlic (Unheated)
* Fermented Food
* Neuherbs Vinegar: Flipkart: http://bit.ly/ACVSSFK
Amazon: http://bit.ly/acvssamz
*24 hour Marked Water Bottle: If anyone finds any good brand, please update me, I’ll update link here

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