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Why can’t we lose weight ? Common Weight Loss Mistakes Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankans aren’t spared by the issue of obesity that it has become a worldwide issue. Is it because what we eat? The primary reason for this growing issue among Sri Lankans is that their lack of knowledge in nutrition. We consume excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates because the majority of premade food items in Sri Lanka don’t display their nutritional information like most developed countries.

The young generation in Sri Lanka is at a huge risk being obese solely due to the above reason. What they need to know and to be told and educated is that Sri Lanka is full of natural low-carb sources.

In this video I’ve conducted a 7-day experiment with the members of our Sinhala weight loss community to prove to you the reason why we can’t lose weight and to show you why we struggle to lose weight even with a restricted OMAD (one meal a day) diet when we consume refined carbohydrate foods.

Knowledge is wealth. Watch on.

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