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15-minute Fat Burn Workout! | Modest Muslim Weight Loss Workout

Grab your husband and follow along this fun 15-minute full-body fat-burning workout video! No equipment, NO EXCUSES! Download my workout guide: https://www.amanahfitness.com/workout/

Get ready for a modest workout that’s going to help you burn body fat all over and give you amazing energy all day! This 15-minute workout includes high intensity Tabata interval training and plyometric movements for total body strengthening! Don’t forget to download my FREE workout guide at https://www.amanahfitness.com/workout/ for more short no-equipment workout routines!!

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Download NEW Free Energy-Boosting Workout Guide https://www.amanahfitness.com/workout/


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Get Amina’s Free Energy-Boosting Workout Guide HERE:

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Download Amina’s FREE Energy-Boosting Workout Guide HERE: https://www.amanahfitness.com/workout


15-minute Fat Burn Workout! | Modest Muslim Weight Loss Workout : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnpmvrLsPPI

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