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Weight loss diets are all the rage these days… but tricks, gimmicks, and money-grabs are abound. As a registered dietitian I see loads of weight loss “mistakes”.
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In this video I explore the 12 most common mistakes and offer suggestions on where to focus your energy for maximum results.

Remember: extreme diets and plans are not sustainable in the long-term. Ditch the “quick-results” mentality and focus on long-term changes… otherwise you may find yourself worse-off in a few months than when you started. Slow and steady wins the race.

Focus on LIFESTYLE changes, find your “why-power”, fall in love with the process, and the rest will follow.

» PUL article “weight loss mistakes + how to avoid them”: http://bit.ly/2zI9ZnA-weight-loss
» PUL recipe “speedy & creamy steel-cut oats”: http://bit.ly/2kUmXrY-steel-cut-oats
» PUL recipe “quick cooking millet breakfast porridge”: http://bit.ly/2w65Jsa
» PUL recipe “caramelized onion & balsamic hummus”: http://bit.ly/2hGyLxc-onion-hummus
» PUL recipe “chewy no-bake peanut butter oat bars”: http://bit.ly/2hHzwWT-granola-bars
» PUL recipe “glowing green juice”: http://bit.ly/2mz77Ee-green-juice
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