Coffee-Mate’s New Oat Milk Creamer Just Soared Its Way to the Top of Our Grocery Lists

After aptly being named one of the biggest trends of 2019, oat milk is hitting grocery stores! Whether you’ve heard your friends talking about making the switch over from almond milk, or you’ve splurged on a pricey chai latte with oat milk at your local coffee shop (yes, it’s worth it), it’s impossible to ignore the plant-based milk’s takeover. Now, Coffee-mate’s new Natural Bliss Oat Milk Creamer has hit stores and it’s landed itself right at the top of our grocery list!

At just 25 calories per serving, the non-dairy creamer is made with water, oat flour, cane sugar, coconut oil, pea protein, baking soda, gellan gum, and natural flavors. Its rich flavor is guaranteed to make mornings go a whole lot smoother. Pick up the new Natural Bliss creamer during your next grocery run, and catch up on all things oat milk here.

Image Source: Coffee-Mate

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