Juicing for Weight Loss

A good green juice is excellent for weight loss. I have a great recipe on my website: http://bit.ly/1DQpv7B

Vegetable Juice is essential in losing fat and body weight. The nutrients, digestive enzymes and fibre will help clean out your body and cells and remove the fat and cholesterol in your body. It helps in the conversion of fat to energy, I bet you didn’t know 84% of weight loss is exhaled through your breath as CO2. C02 has mass and that mass is the majority of losing weight, the rest is either expelled in your urine, feces or sweat. Get yourself breathing heavy every day with a good exercise and you’ll lose, or breathe out more weight.

Check out the health benefits of this juice on my website:
Celery: http://www.energyripple.com/celery-health-benefits/
Beets: http://www.energyripple.com/beets-health-benefits/
Ginger: http://www.energyripple.com/ginger-health-benefits/
Lemon: http://www.energyripple.com/lemon-health-benefits/
Carrots: http://www.energyripple.com/carrots-health-benefits/
Apple: http://www.energyripple.com/apples/

Checkout my Kiwi Smoothie recipe:

My Super Lazy Chocolate Milkshake:

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