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How To Use Protein Shakes To Lose Weight

Everyone talks about it – but how do you actually use protein shakes to lose weight? There’s a right way, and a wrong way…

Pump that protein

Want max health gains from that shake? Enjoy it with a meal, suggests Purdue University researchers. Why? Their review of studies found this helped strength-training peeps maintain their body weight and decrease fat mass, while between-meal protein supps were associated with weight gain.

The theory: you’ll probably adjust the food portion of the meal to compensate for the extra kilojoules in the drink, whereas you’ll be less likely to do that if you swig that liquid later on. Clever! Try some of these out…

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Wazoogles Plant Power Superfood Protein Shake

Reduce cravings and get a boost of nutrition. This mix of organic ingredients like moringa leaf, spirulina, maca root, protein rich hemp, chia seeds, wild harvested mesquite, lucuma and French grown yellow pea protein is basically meal replacement smoothie fantasy come true. Get it at Faithful-To-Nature.

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Phyto Pro Thrive Chai Protein Shake

A wholesome performance-boosting protein powder made with pure yellow pea protein and flavoured with a tasty chai spice mix that includes cinnamon and clove. Vegan-friendly and dairy-free, it’ll give your body that necessary boost after a workout, with 20g of protein per serving. Get it at Faithful-To-Nature.

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Also Try…

New from Biogen and Lisa Raleigh: Super Scoop is designed to help you eat a more plant-based diet, with each serving containing over 50 superfoods (whoa!). It’s packed with dairy-free probiotics and fibre, but low in sugar and kilojoules. Berry and vanilla flavours for the win! USN and Herbalife also have a wide range of options. Do some research to figure out which one suits you and your exercise regime best.

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