Tina Lost 52 Pounds in 8 Months by Doing 2 Really Simple Things

If you are unhappy with your weight and feel like over the years, you’ve just kind of let yourself go, you’re not alone. Tina Adams, 31, told POPSUGAR that at 5’2″, her highest weight was 202 pounds. Her motivation to do something about it came from looking in the mirror and not liking what she saw. “It got so bad that I hated buying new clothes and hated taking pictures because it all was just a reminder of how much weight I gained over the years,” she said.

Tina credits the weight gain to working night shifts and not being active enough. In the Summer of 2017, she finally made a decision to do something about it. Read her story about how she lost over 50 pounds, and if you’re struggling with your weight, it’ll inspire you to start your journey and stick with it.

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