Weight Loss Workout

17 Exercises For Weight Loss

17 Exercises For Weight Loss

1. 3-Way Lunges (0:33)
2. Duck Under Get Up Lunges (0:50)
3. Mountain Climber Pause (1:07)
4. Pulse Lunge Skaters (1:21)
5. Running Lunge (1:37)
6. Squat to Press (1:46)
7. Renegade Row Mountain Climber Push Ups (1:58)
8. Lunge With Pass Flye (2:15)
9. Push Up to Dip (2:30)
10. Squat Rockers (2:51)
11. Staggered Stance Squat Switches (3:05)
12. Squat Catch and Press (3:23)
13. Dumbbell Snatch (3:43)
14. Double Jack Burpee (3:58)
15. Squat Double Lunge (4:18)
16. 90 Degree Rotational Squat Jumps (4:31)
17. Plank Jack Lateral Raise (4:42)

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