Letter from the Editor: Embracing change

A distinct autumn chill is in the air, and the trees are beginning to showcase their vibrant colors. For me, fall always invokes thoughts of change, prompting me to reflect on the transitions I’ve made over the past few months.

As autumn settles in, there is a sense of change in the air.

Be it starting a new job role, moving to a new city, or embarking on a new exercise regimen, change is rarely easy. It often means stepping out of our comfort zone and doing something that feels unnatural.

Think back to a time when you experienced a change in your life. You probably felt nervous, scared of the uncertainty that lay ahead.

How do you feel about this now? Did making this change have a positive impact on your life? Are you proud that you took the risk?

I asked the Medical News Today editorial team to think about some of the changes they have made in their lives. One news writer spoke about her decision to move 160 miles across the United Kingdom for a new job.

“Looking back from where I am today, I 100 percent do not regret making that choice,” she said, adding, “moving to a completely different city, with a completely different vibe from the one in which I used to live, has boosted my sense of motivation and made me want to do more with my creativity.”

Taking a look at the articles that you’ve been reading this month, it seems you’re keen to make some changes, too — to your diet, at least. Our article detailing which foods to eat on a no-carb diet proved popular, and you were likewise interested in discovering some low-carb bread alternatives.

You also wanted to learn about the benefits of protein powder, as well as what the best exercises are for bat wings.

Within our news content, our report on research that challenges our current knowledge of kidney stones caught your eye, and you were curious about a study that claims to have identified four distinct personality clusters.

Embracing the theme of change, I’ve been reflecting on some of the changes we’ve made at MNT this year.

We’ve grown our wonderful editorial team and put a number of new processes in place to ensure we’re bringing you, our readers, the best possible health content.

And it seems that you’re liking these changes; last month, MNT broke a new record — collectively, you visited our site more than 46 million times! What is more, we found out that MNT have moved up the ranks yet again, to become the fifth largest health information website worldwide!

If you want to learn more about the MNT team and the changes we’re making, you can follow us on LinkedIn.

We love hearing from you, so please get in touch! You can also reach us on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re wanting to make a life change, be it related to your career, relationships, or health and well-being, I’ll leave you with this quote:

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

Henri Bergson, French philosopher

Have a happy and healthful October!

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Honor Whiteman, Managing Editor

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