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10 min. Sledgehammer Weight Loss Workout

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In this sledgehammer workout for 10 minutes all you’re doing is…

*You hit a tire (or something) with your sledgehammer as fast as you can 10 times and then

*You do jumping jacks, jog in place or ski steps for 15 seconds also as fast as you can and you’ll do this over & over for 10-to-20 minutes

As the workout gets easier then you can move on to a heavier sledgehammer. In the video I’m using a 10 pound sledgehammer and believe it or not at the time of filming that video it really kicked my butt!

So you may want to start off with a much lighter 8-to-10 pound sledgehammer. I don’t care if you can bench 315 or 400 pounds. Don’t let your ego dictate how heavy your first sledgehammer workout can be.

If you don’t have access to a sledgehammer then simply use a baseball bat or even a broomstick but since that will obviously get easy very quickly then you’ll need to find something that will make you work out more intense.

It also DOES NOT matter how you swing the sledgehammer. There is no technique involved. All you need to do is swing and hit as hard as you can as fat as possible to burn as much fat as you can and ladies…

Don’t worry about building huge muscles epically if you’re not going over a 10 pound sledgehammer with this workout but you can expect the back and front of your arms to be much firmer and stronger and guys…

This sledgehammer workout may not lead to those big 16,18 or 20 inch arms you want but your arms will get more tone and ripped with this sledgehammer workout.

If you don’t believe this sledgehammer workout can get you ripped and help you lose fat at the same time then you need to go to nowloss.com/t and search for the success story from the guy who did this workout to quickly lose 5 inches off his waist.

As with any other interval workout you want to do this sledgehammer workout 3-to-4 days per week 1-to-2 times per day if doing it for more than 10 minutes at a time or you can do it 1-to-6 times a day each and every day if you’re doing this workout for only 10 minutes at a time like me in the video.

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