26 Drool-Worthy Recipes That Star Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with Spongebob’s pal Patrick Star for the past few months, you’re likely aware that Trader Joe’s now sells cauliflower gnocchi. As soon as the budget-friendly grocery store began offering the nuggets of gluten-free goodness, they’ve flown out of the freezer sections faster than you can say “wait, this bag only costs $3?!” The pillowy dumplings have been a hit among vegans and nonvegans alike, with dozens of Trader Joe’s shoppers sharing their praise (and their tasty recipes) on social media.

Ahead, we gathered 26 of the most hunger-inducing recipe combinations from Instagram users who can’t help but rave about the gluten-free gnocchi. To be clear, not all of these are vegan-approved, as some feature meat, but we can guarantee that every single one of them will make you want to hop on the cauliflower gnocchi bandwagon STAT. Fair warning: you may attempt to lick your screen while checking out these irresistible dishes.

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