Halle Berry Wants to Challenge You With This Unique “Stillness” Workout

Halle Berry continues to impress us each Friday with her “Fitness Friday” posts, showing off her killer moves and toned physique. This week, she slowed things down a bit with a “stillness” routine she did with her trainer Peter Lee Thomas. Each move was marked by holding the position for 30 seconds to a minute. Halle makes it look easy, but each movement requires mindfulness, balance, and strength.

“There is a lot of strength and power in stillness,” Halle wrote in her Instagram caption. “I find that having the ability to be still and calm in the most stressful situations is extremely powerful and empowering . . . These exercises not only help you with your physical strength and stamina, but they also encourage your mental strength and help you access your personal power.”

Halle and Peter showed how to do a set of four moves on Halle’s Instagram Stories. All you need for these exercises is your bodyweight and a little patience. Here’s how Halle and Peter moved through their workout.

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